Agenda (Three Hour Workshop)

Getting to Know You

  • Who we are and all about you.

The Writing Process

  • How Do You Write a Good Story? Looking a graphic organizers - The Story Triangle and The Traditional Story Path
  • Adding Rigor to your Writing - Depth of Knowledge Wheel & Rubric

Out of the Box

  • Home & sleep button, microphone, headphone jack, mute, volume, speakers & doc input
  • Settings, WiFi setup, password protect, email creation, calendar
  • Exploring native apps, Notes, Maps & Safari
  • Creating folders, orientation, multitasking and closing app


  • Poetry - Bio Poem: Using Sonic Pic to write, record and publish a bio poem on an historical person
  • Personal Narrative - "My Graduation": Using StoryKit to write a non-fiction essay on a personal experience.
  • Digital Essay - "My Immigrant Story": Using StoryKit to write a non-fiction story on your family's personal history.

Sharing Our Work


"iPads for Literacy" - Let's Listen to the Children