ISTE 2012 - "From iPads to Student-Centered-Learning: Writing with Free Apps"


Getting to Know You

  • Who we are and all about you.

The Writing Process

  • How Do You Write a Good Story? Looking a graphic organizers - The Story Triangle and The Traditional Story Path
  • Adding Rigor to your Writing - Depth of Knowledge Wheel & Rubric

Out of the Box

  • Home & sleep button, microphone, headphone jack, mute, volume, speakers & doc input
  • Settings, WiFi setup, password protect, email creation, calendar
  • Exploring native apps, Notes, Maps & Safari
  • Creating folders, orientation, multitasking and closing app


  • Poetry - Bio Poem: Using Sonic Pic to write, record and publish a bio poem on an historical person
  • Personal Narrative - "My Graduation": Using StoryKit to write a non-fiction essay on a personal experience.
  • Digital Essay - "My Immigrant Story": Using StoryKit to write a non-fiction story on your family's personal history.


Adding Rigor to Aptivities

Designing Lesson Plans for YOUR Students



"iPads for Literacy" - Let's Listen to the Children

The Writing Process

Story Triangle - See Inspiration

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.53.02 PM.png

Traditional Story Path - See Inspiration

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.57.11 PM.png


Bio Poem using Sonic Pics

Bio Poem in Sonic Pic.png

"My Graduation" using Story Kit

My Graduation in Story Kit.png

"My Immigrant Story" using Story Kit

My Immigrant Story in Story Kit.png

Nursery Rhyme png.png


Lesson Plan Template.png

Rubric pix.png

Adding Rigor to Your Aptivity

Hess's Cognitive Matrix.png